Fact: Nobody gets tired of having their friends tell them, "Good job. Keep it up." If you have a, "The more the merrier," type of attitude, come by for a visit. --Elliott

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Group Training San Carlos

Hearing your friends cheer you on feels good.

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Fact: You will try harder in a group setting

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Having Fun is a pre-requisite

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Focus on each your level of fitness while sharing the challenge

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Come give us a try, your first class is free

Group Training Packages

My goal is for you to create active habits that keep you fit for life. I know that is a bold statement, but its my truth. These classes are designed to help you get a great workout while you're here, and also take a few exercises home with you on your non-gym days.

Interested in personal training and/or want to get more out of your classes? You're in luck, most of our group training/spin packages come with a complementary session to help you get the most out of your efforts!

Each client will receive one half hour complementary training session with the purchase of a 10. 20, or unlimited class package.

Spin, TRX & Group Exercise Classes (6-12 people)
5 classes $100
*10 classes $180
*20 classes $320
*Unlimited classes $165 per month (auto pay)

*Free 1/2 hour personal training session for 10, 20, and unlimited class packages sold at full price
**Free 1/2 hour session is meant to be used during the first 30 days and for first time clients please.

Free Class

Questions? Give me a call or text at (650) 766-4110 -Elliott

Chance are I'll respond within 1-2 hours. You can assume all classes are happening unless noted otherwise.

The average class attendance is 4-8people.

If you're feeling indecisive, go with the logic, "Let's see what happens if I just go.." It could lead to something great, not that I'm biased.

Core Total Fitness

1007 Washington St
San Carlos, Ca 94070
(650) 766-4110