Being fit is one of life's greatest challenges and gifts! It's most fun when you have someone on your team, encouraging you, making you laugh, and seeing the best in you.

Whats Your Goal?

Weight loss

Loosing weight can be a daunting task, what to eat? how much to exercise? and what type? Did you know that resistance training can change your body composition? This will help you loose inches as well as gain muscle, which increases your metabolism and further promotes weight loss. Let us provide the guidance and support needed to put all of the pieces together, If your willing to put in the effort we will be with you every step of the way.


Regain the strength and mobility that is lost during your advancing years, physical inactivity or injury. Strategically progressing through the right program can assist in strengthening the connective tissue in your joints and improve your flexibility which will enable you to become more active with less pain. We know that one size doesn't fit all and take pride in our ability to create programs that will address your specific needs getting you to your goal as quickly and safely as possible.

Sports Performance

Pushing yourself to the peak of your athletic ability is a gratifying process whether it be for basketball, golf or surfing. Increasing your ability to perform at a higher level not only gives you the edge in competitive sports but it makes recreational sports more enjoyable for the average Joe. This goal requires the most specific type of training and conditioning. To successfully train for a sport or activity we would choose exercises designed to increase efficiency in those particular movements.Take surfing for example, a program that we would put together would be designed to increase balance, flexibility and explosive upper body strength for paddling in to waves.

Getting Started

Your First Step

Prior to Beginning your fitness journey with us we like to sit down with you to figure how we can best serve you and the quickest route to reaching your goals. Regardless of whether your goal takes 2 months or 2 years know that you will feel better from day one.

After our initial meeting we will be able to put together a comprehensive program which outlays everything that needs to be done during the time spent with your trainer and the other 23 hours through the day while your not.

My Grandmother had a great saying which was "Life is what happens to you while your busy making plans" So I say stop planning and start living:)

Individual Personal Training Sessions
5 sessions $400 ($80/Session)
10 sessions $775 ($77.5/Session)
20 sessions $1500 ($75/Session)

Small Group Personal Training (2-3 people)
5 sessions $275 ($55/Session)
10 sessions $525 ($52.5/Session)
20 sessions $1000 ($50/Session)

Half Hour Personal Training
5 sessions $275 ($55/Session)
10 sessions $525 ($52.5/Session)
20 sessions $1000 ($50/Session)

Questions? Give me a call or text at (650) 766-4110 -Elliott

Chance are I'll respond within 1-2 hours. You can assume all classes are happening unless noted otherwise.

If you're feeling indecisive, go with the logic, "Let's see what happens if I just go.." It could lead to something great, not that I'm biased.

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